Appeal my PCN

If you wish to appeal you can do so online at  or by email or you should write to PCN Parking Solutions, PO Box 5419, Hove. BN52 9AN.

All Correspondence must include your name, address, vehicle registration number and Parking Charge Notice Number. It is important that you provide ALL of the grounds that you wish to rely upon and ALL of the evidence that supports your case. All appeals are fully investigated and the decision to accept or reject an appeal is based on the evidence supplied. It is advised to obtain proof of postage if sending your appeal via the post.

Independent Appeals Service

If you have unsuccessfully appealed and you still believe that the charge was improperly issued then you can appeal the matter to the Independent Appeals Service.

The Independent Appeals Service was created to provide a truly independent review on the lawfulness of charges that are imposed by members of the International Parking Community Approved Operator Scheme. The online appeals system fully automates the processing of the appeal. Only the person appealing, the Operator who issued the charge and the Adjudicator have any influence in the outcome.

The International Parking Community provides the electronic services to the IAS to facilitate the processing of the appeals. This automated process removes any manual handling of appeals and ensures complete separation from the IPC.

The Adjudicators are all independent, practicing solicitors or barristers. They are duty bound by their own professional standards bodies to uphold the rule of law and to maintain independence. This duty is expressly retained in the terms and conditions of their appointment.

The Adjudicator’s remuneration for considering each appeal is the same no matter what the result.

The Adjudicator can only consider the lawfulness of the charge and must not consider mitigating circumstances.

The Adjudicator can consider only the representations made by the parties to the appeal.

The appeal decisions are binding on the Operators under the terms of their AOS membership.
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