Small Claims Court

We are dedicated to investing in legal action in order to pursue unpaid Parking Charge Notices. Amateur legal professionals and pseudo-lawyers often post online advising that you should simply ignore your Parking Charge Notice as they are unenforceable in UK law. This is categorically incorrect. We instigate legal action wherever possible to pursue all unpaid Parking Charge Notices. We have an excellent history of obtaining County Court Judgements (CCJ). A CCJ can have a serious impact on future credit, making renting or obtaining a mortgage on a property or applying for any loan/credit application very difficult or impossible.


The highest court in the UK, the Supreme Court, adjudicated that PCNs on private land are fully enforceable. In the case of PARKINGEYE LIMITED v BARRY BEAVIS 2015, it was decided that Parking Charge Notices were enforceable and legitimate as they act in the interests of the general public. It was also confirmed that charges do not have to reflect a genuine pre-estimate of loss in cases of breach of contract.

The full judgment of PARKINGEYE LIMITED v BARRY BEAVIS 2015 is here for you to read: